To make your site more profitable and earn additional income, integrate our white-label advertising service  service free of charge to your site.

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The Cube Affiliation - Multilingual real estate ads
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The Cube white-label advertising service is probably the most lucrative on the market.

With a product that is easy to sell (multilingual real estate ads) and an average shopping basket of 85,24 GBP, you will generate significant revenue.

Payments vary from 20 to 75 % (depending on the plan chosen), which works out to a payment from 7,00 to 145,00 GBP for each ad placed.

Why choose the The Cube network for my white-label advertising service?

The leading European multilingual ad network

The Cube is the European leader in multilingual ad posting.

There are other white-label ad services out there. So why did we create a new service and, above all, why should you choose the The Cube network as opposed to one of our competitors?

There are many reasons, namely:
  • Multilingual ads
    Despite the high demand, no other ad service currently offers multilingual ads. That is why we created the Babelimmo site, the leading multilingual real estate ad site, which was an immediate success due to the lack of such a service for property owners wishing to sell.
  • Higher income
    Since the ads are multilingual, the average shopping basket is significantly higher than with competitor services. In fact, the average shopping basket observed (calculated in real time) is currently 85,24 GBP. Depending on the plan chosen, you will receive a payment of up to 75% for each ad, or an average of 63,93 GBP per ad. Based on one ad placement per day, the corresponding earnings are 23 333 GBP.
  • A product that is easy to sell
    Real estate ad sites abound, but the The Cube network is the only one featuring ads that are both highly detailed and fully multilingual. Owners who are selling property are keen on multilingual posting, since they can reach 350 million potential customers in Europe.
  • A turnkey solution
    We are the only network to offer a turnkey solution (Premium plan) so you don't have to do anything: we provide you with a totally separate site with search engine optimisation, and we take care of the creation, maintenance, hosting and even referencing. All you have to do is make your site known and... collect revenue from it.